2013. február 16., szombat

About the class

Do you want to strengthen your muscles but in the same time be present in all your movements?

On my classes beside that you work with your muscles, you can develop the awerness of your body, learn the importance of breathing. and learn about the use of the centre.

On my classes we strengthen our deep muscles. The strenghetning movements folowed by streching, then relaxing movements in this way can we really work with the deep muscles and become more flexible.
The exercises include elements from yoga and physiotherapy as well, so it’s easy on the joints. It is recommended also for those who have spinal or joint problems. Age-and sex-regardless, recommended to everyone!

I take a lot of exerises from Callanatics, a deepmuscle strengthening training, that thought me to use and strengthen  my body, my muscles counsciously, in a way that easy on the joints.

Usually I finish the class with relaxation or by relaxing movements so you can leave the class with inner strength and calmness that you can take with you.

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